Shauno Isomura | WINNERS UPDATE name

Shauno Isomura | WINNERS UPDATE

Posted by Christie Parkin on 04/08/2017

2015 emerging talent winner

2015 AIMES Emering Talent Music Winner Shauno Isomura will be hosting a very special charity concert tour. The Tsunami Violin Concert Tour, held in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch will be performed by Isomura Brothers (Kent Isomura , Pianist and Shauno Isomura Violinist)

Tsunami Violin Concert Tour

The tour is part of a global project involving a thousand violinists around the world to perform on the Tsunami Violin - a violin made by a violin craftsman, Muneyuki Nakazawa, from theremaining driftwood and a small amount of the miracle pine tree solely survived on the coast of Rekuzentakata in remembrance of the deceased and with aspiration of hope for the survivors of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan.

The Tsunami Violin not only represents the hope of the survivors from the Japan Earthquake, but also the hope of the people suffered through similar tragedies across the globe such as the Canterbury Earthquake. Christchurch suffered a devastating earthquake on the 22nd February 2011, only a few weeks before the Tohoku Earthquake hit Japan. Both countries assisted each other tremendously towards the recovery from the disasters, and since then a special bond has been formed between New Zealand and Japan.

A New Zealand based piano and violin duo, the Isomura Brothers, have been given the greatest privilege to bring and perform on this special instrument for the first time in New Zealand. The goal of the International Tsunami Violin Project is to pass on the history of the earthquake & tsunami to the audience through classical music.

The concert comprises of a mixture of both classical and popular music, composed by the most influential composers of Japan, and all the profit made from the concert will go towards the victims of the Tohoku and Cantervury earthquakes.

Official website:
Official Facebook page:


5th September 7:30pm - Auckland, Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber
10th September 6:00pm - Wellington, St Andrews on the Terrace
12th September 7:30pm - Christchurch, The Transitional Cathedral


Adult - $25
Student (ID required) - $15
Child (4-14yrs) - $10
Child (under 3yrs) -$0

Tickets are sold through Ticket Master for Auckland and Eventfinda for Wellington and Christchurch

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